Issuing digital tickets is necessary due to their accessibility and utility. However, ensuring their validity poses a challenge, as without an adequate system, data manipulation becomes simple

Entradas en formato físico.

The Problem

Physical ticket formats favor illegal resale, are sometimes misused, can result in barcode reading errors or forgetfulness, lack automatic capacity control, don't allow re-entry if the venue is left, and facilitate counterfeiting.

The Solution

The Challenge

eveloping a process that allows for the issuance, acceptance, presentation, and validation of tickets in a digital and secure manner.

The Solution

Issuance of verifiable credentials through a 100% digital process that integrates Decentralized Digital Identity, blockchain, and a QR scanning system. It enables the secure digital issuance of tickets, membership cards, subscriptions, and accreditations.

The user downloads the app, uploads their identity information, undergoes verification through a facial biometric test, and a wallet is generated with the corresponding access credential.


  • Greater control over capacity, resale, and ticket transfers.
  • Reduction of incidents and a fast, secure system.
  • Exact counting and the possibility of allowing re-entry.
  • Issuance of personalized and non-transferable tickets


App Development
Issuance and verification of tickets
Implementation of blockchain technology