The world changes. Teknei changes first

We are a specialized team in providing comprehensive services and innovative technology solutions. Cutting-edge services and solutions, based on new market practices with state-of-the-art technology, generate value and credibility for our clients, increasing their competitiveness and productivity, and thereby contributing to their business strategy.


Talent is the key to achieving our goals. We cultivate the creation of a work environment where individuals enjoy working with excellence, feel passionate about their results, and identify with our organization.


At Teknei, we distinguish our offerings by integrating innovative technologies into our solutions, ensuring quality and excellence in our work. We adopt an approach that is both approachable and flexible, with a focus on the total satisfaction of our clients.

Our Values

We promote our Teknei style in an open and collaborative environment where individuals and their personal and professional development are at the core of our success.


We are committed to creating value for our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners, strengthening relationships built on trust, fostering creativity, and creating synergies. This enables us to successfully address market challenges.



We are an innovative company that creates value, aiming for our current and potential clients to see us as a trusted partner.
We hold ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 14001, ISO 22301, ISO 14721, ISO 17068, ISO 18295, UNE 166002, and ENS certifications.

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