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Intelligent Document Processing

Teknei covers the entire cycle for the automation of complex business processes, from the initial phase of consultancy and analysis, to the implementation of various solutions, and subsequent support and maintenance of the implemented solutions.

Automation of processes involves numerous technologies that, at each stage, streamline workflows and reduce or eliminate the manual labor component.

Our capabilities in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV) stem from the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) line in the development and implementation of Document Management and Imaging projects. This starting point allows us to have an expert vision when incorporating new Artificial Intelligence functionalities into document processes.

We design and apply advanced algorithms that change the way we make decisions across all areas of an organization, industrially leveraging cognitive capabilities that were previously limited to humans, managing intelligence as another asset, and seeking new areas of innovation that enable the adoption of new business models.

In the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) area, Teknei provides consulting services, technical services, and document services to meet all document management needs.

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Currently, every company collects, manages, cleans, and generates a large volume of information to carry out its activities. However, due to this data volume, its management and maintenance become challenging, leading to document-related issues for the accurate decision-making process.

Teknei designs customized IT solutions to address these issues.

We also provide digitization and data capture solutions, integrate information into the company's applications, and facilitate migration between systems.

In the field of Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning and Deep Learning), we implement technologies such as Computer Vision, OCR, Text Mining, and NLP, complemented by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) technologies.

We are partners with leading document management technology manufacturers in the market. This expertise is complemented by the use of the most innovative Open Source technologies.


  • Document Maps
  • Document Process Improvements
  • Definition of Functional and Technical Architecture
  • Analysis, Design, and Migration of Document Systems

Technical Services

  • Information capture, automatic classification, OCR, AI
  • Document management
  • Digital archive
  • BPM/Case Management
  • Document generation (multichannel and Output Management)
  • Archive Consulting
  • Definition of archive systems
  • Digitization and cataloging
  • Implementation and archive management

Highlighted Services

Documentary Consulting

At Teknei, we provide document consultancy solutions in the following areas:

  1. Document Map: Comprehensive study of the documentary casuistry of an organization. The goal of this study is to obtain a classification chart of documents that represents, for each analyzed document, a series of values that allow us to depict the documentary reality of the company or areas analyzed.

  2. Document Process Improvement: Redesign of business processes intensive in the use of documentation with the clear objective of improving process efficiency through the use of documentary techniques.

  3. Technological Selection and ECM Architecture: Assistance in selecting ECM technology that best suits the needs of each client, based on business requirements and system architecture. Definition of the functional and technical architecture for integrating corporate document management into each client's architecture.

Digitization and Data Capture

Solutions to automate the capture of information from documents that drive business processes, enabling significant savings in human resources and increased productivity, while maintaining and improving the quality of many services.

It requires the implementation of automated components for document scanning and processing (OCR, ICR, etc.) and integration into the document management system.

There are various technologies in the market that can cover everything from basic information capture to its automatic classification, achieving very satisfactory levels of results.

These solutions facilitate the automatic separation and classification of documents using advanced character recognition techniques.

Document Management

We carry out the implementation and migration of corporate systems for the management of unstructured information (documents, images, or any type of object) within an organization.

This data can be the documentation involved in business processes or the office information managed by users through the intranet and collaboration spaces.

Process Automation

Systems that enable the automation of business processes by integrating any application, thus enabling access to any data.


  • Integration with any application, even without programming access (API).
  • Data capture from any website and delivery to a database, analysis tools, and end users.
  • Instant generation and deployment of lightweight applications for business users.
  • Compliance with IT and security standards.


  • Have data directly on the desktop to improve analysis and decision-making.
  • Focus the organization on innovation, not on non-productive activities.
  • Enable the organization's transformation in an efficient and agile manner.
Customer Communication Management

Teknei's services provide companies with the opportunity to migrate easily and securely to the Customer Communication Management platform.

Teknei offers a multichannel customer communication solution designed to enhance the user experience and make customer interaction more cost-effective.


  1. Increases profitability (lower total cost of ownership):

    • Delivering meaningful communications that enable the sale of additional services or new products.
    • Streamlining processes associated with documentation, thus reducing development and maintenance costs and accelerating time to market.
    • Reducing conversion, production, testing, and printing costs.
    • Improving the customer experience.
    • Providing clear and concise communications to the customer.
    • Growing your customer base with specific and personalized communications.
    • Delivering through customer-preferred channels, including email, web, and SMS.
  2. Mitigates risk:

    • Ensuring regulatory compliance and brand image.
    • Preserving document fidelity.